3 Benchmarks for Napa Real Estate Agent Dowsing

By | Sellers

Whenever a buyer or seller is set to enter the market, they find themselves faced with the task of identifying the Napa real estate agent who will serve them best. There are many of us to choose from—and not a lot guidance on how to proceed. Maybe there should be something like a Real Estate… Continued

April 4, 2016

Predicting Home Sales: More Quandary Than Certainty

By | Sellers

Even the least vigilant of Napa’s market-watchers had their antennae out last week, the traditional time of month when real estate statistics are released from the most authoritative sources. National trends in home sales frequently provide clues to the direction the Napa market is likely to take—and with the spring selling season already under way,… Continued

March 29, 2016

Heads-Up! Napa’s Spring Selling Season is Here!

By | Homeowner, Sellers

Napa’s spring selling season is underway! Okay—it’s understandable if that seems like a somewhat premature announcement, but it is verifiable from any number of sources. Never mind that this year, spring doesn’t officially arrive in Napa until March 20…but that’s only what astronomers say (and they can’t even decide whether Pluto is a planet). Meteorologists… Continued

March 7, 2016