Napa Home Loan Calculations Depend on DTI Diagnosis

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It might sound shocking, but Napa’s homeowners—present and future—have DTIs! Although the press has been largely silent, it’s important that the public be fully educated on the subject. But before anyone calls an emergency meeting to see what can be done… The good news is that, despite how dire it may sound, having DTIs isn’t… Continued

March 27, 2016

Comparing Mortgage Offers Rewards Napa Home Buyers

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For Napa home shoppers who anticipate taking advantage of today’s low mortgage interest rates, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a few words of interest. The CFPB thinks it has found a way for consumers to get the best home loan deals. The way they recommend is to shop around. Now, it may seem as… Continued

March 15, 2016

Napa Homeowners Can Save via Today’s HELOC Option

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It’s hard to imagine anyone in Napa who hasn’t been hearing worried Wall Street commentators discussing the latest news. Starting with the worst January performance on record, even people without a lot of affected investments are aware of how ripples from that part of the finance world tend to reach almost everyone’s doorsteps. Napa homeowners… Continued

February 26, 2016

Strong Napa Jumbo Loan Outlook Continues

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“The Jumbo Jungle” may sound a little like the elephant compound in a wild animal park, but it’s actually a seldom-quoted tab under The Wall Street Journal’s online Real Estate section. The “jumbos” being discussed are the trunkless kind—the hefty mortgage loans whose center rings are found in binders instead of circus tents. Judging from… Continued

February 20, 2016

Napa Mortgage Interest Rates Fall Amid Economic Turmoil

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By the end of last week, with world financial markets quavering and Wall Street chalking up the worst start for any year ever, you’d think that Napa’s real estate outlook would be as worrisome as the rest of the economy’s. Not necessarily. For sure, there was enough to worry about. If world trade levels continue… Continued

January 25, 2016

Extra Payments for Napa Mortgages Questioned

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It’s usually around this time of year when the one in charge of keeping track of your Napa household’s finances either sits down to do some budget arithmetic, or (at a minimum) goes hunting for a new shoe box to hold the coming year’s tax receipts. Both activities are simply exercises in ascertaining what is… Continued

January 15, 2016

Napa Mortgage Insurance is a Good Thing and a Bad Thing

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PMI is a set of initials that can be a bit perplexing—particularly for new Napa homeowners who are about to write their first mortgage payment check. They may notice it as a line item that adds a bit more to the payment than they had remembered…and then have that forehead-slapping moment when they remember: it’s… Continued

January 7, 2016

Coming Decision Could Affect Napa Mortgage Interest Rates

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It’s really as simple as this: when Napa mortgage interest rates are low, good things happen in Napa real estate. And last week, when The Washington Post commented on the news coming out of Washington, it indicated exactly that. “Mortgage rates fall for the third week in a row” was the headline summarizing the latest… Continued

December 12, 2015

No-Debt Gurus vs. Today’s Napa Mortgage Reality

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This past week, after a Thanksgiving feast wherein the average American is said to have enjoyed chowing down 2,000+ calories (equivalent to 3 Whoppers), the average American is said to have either trooped off to an early bird Black Friday sale mob scene or else (more likely) settled onto the couch to behold, in tryptophan-induced… Continued

December 2, 2015