Home Prices in Napa Reflect Remodeling Choices

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Here’s an instant spot quiz— (see what comes to mind within a second or two): If you decide to sell your Napa home, if you had a crystal ball, what’s the most important detail about the sale result? Quick! Answer! If you’re like seven out of ten people, you were curious about the bottom line:… Continued

March 11, 2016

Heads-Up! Napa’s Spring Selling Season is Here!

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Napa’s spring selling season is underway! Okay—it’s understandable if that seems like a somewhat premature announcement, but it is verifiable from any number of sources. Never mind that this year, spring doesn’t officially arrive in Napa until March 20…but that’s only what astronomers say (and they can’t even decide whether Pluto is a planet). Meteorologists… Continued

March 7, 2016

Homeowner Tax Deductions: Real Estate’s Ace in the Hole

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Sure, even the idea of homeownership is appealing for all of the traditional emotional and lifestyle reasons. Having proprietary control over your family’s center of operations is a goal for most Napa residents—just as most of us would consider it a necessary evil if professional obligations make frequent moves unavoidable. Travel may be broadening, but… Continued

March 3, 2016

What’s More Important to Napa Renters than Interest Rates?

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You’d think that the single most influential factor governing a potential Napa home buyer’s decision on whether to buy now or hold off would be the ongoing bottom line—that is, the amount of an anticipated monthly mortgage payment. Maybe not. The New York Federal Reserve argues otherwise. Not just a little bit otherwise; “dramatically” otherwise…. Continued

February 16, 2016

Napa Appraisals: by Definition, Part Art, Part Science

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Built into the way a Napa home changes ownership is the institution of the appraisal report—the document which attempts to place a dollar value on the property in question. That word “attempts” is the key when it comes to appraisals. Although it would make life easier if Napa appraisals consisted of completely objective, scientifically verifiable… Continued

February 12, 2016