Do Napa House Hunters Prefer New Homes? Yes…and No…

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Several different surveys confirm that if you ask American consumers which they prefer, close to twice as many say they would choose to move into a brand new home rather than an existing one. But—and there are several important ‘buts’—when it comes to today’s typical Napa house hunter, that answer can be a little misleading…. Continued

March 21, 2016

In Napa, Location, Location, Location! Remains Important

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“Location, location, location!” is one of the few proclamations which needs no verb, no adjective, no preposition to fully communicate its message. Everyone in Napa understands—and usually agrees with—its meaning: The location [of something] is all-important. In the commercial context, it used to mean “your store better be situated somewhere that gets a lot of… Continued

February 28, 2016

Strong Napa Jumbo Loan Outlook Continues

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“The Jumbo Jungle” may sound a little like the elephant compound in a wild animal park, but it’s actually a seldom-quoted tab under The Wall Street Journal’s online Real Estate section. The “jumbos” being discussed are the trunkless kind—the hefty mortgage loans whose center rings are found in binders instead of circus tents. Judging from… Continued

February 20, 2016

Home Loan Budgeting Sets Parameters for Napa House Hunters

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When you first go shopping for a Napa home, loan budgeting—figuring out how much a comfortable monthly mortgage payment would be—pretty much dictates the price range you will be considering. Some listings do the lion’s share of the home loan budgeting work for you through a ‘payment options’ box that provides a thumbnail mortgage payment… Continued

January 27, 2016

More First-Timers May Enter the Napa Housing Market

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You don’t need real estate statistics or government bureau reports to sense that first-time home ownership rates have been in the dumps for a while. Napa housing figures have too few transactions month-by-month to draw many conclusions about sustained trends in home ownership here—yet it’s evident that for young adults everywhere, the glacial recovery in… Continued

January 21, 2016